Far away from herself

and lost in her eyes .

Her face of wax burns

above the tiny flame of her heart


the screen of the entire blue

pushes her

into sadness .

Her silent voice through her lips

whispers " Nevermore " .


Laquelle embrassa l'autre la première ?

Le mystère demeure rouge

entre lèvre et pétales .

Dans la mèche flotte

le parfum de l'instant .



Mirror, my beautiful mirror tel me...



My dream girl at stars end

They were four carefully chosen among the most talented and, more important, among the fearless. Placed on four cardinal directions around the Temple Tower of Zesh, each one of them had carefully painted on his own body the Sacred Symbols and received from the Priest the crystal of shadows and now, they stand alone at the brim of infinity for  their night duty to contend the evil relentless approach.

The world around them gradually melted into an unconsistent  realm of sheer feelings, moving shapes and swirling colours and above all, of dread and terror. The attack was sudden, violent but also seductive and a painful pleasure to evolve into absolute darkness and anguish.  Then, she new that not all of them would survive. She fought hours after hours but at the brisk of dawn all her vital essence consumed she let her soul go.

At that very moment, among the people of Zesh a woman gave birth in pain....


Michel A. R. as Magicien_Rieur


The warrior at the Gate of Dawn/La gardienne à la porte de l'aube


A lady for all seasons: summer, autumn, winter, spring