Entre deux infinis...

Les voix de l'univer: au milieu de nulle part des relais assurent la transmission des signaux de communication entre deux galaxies

   We are in year 2089, after 50 years of travelling the flagship "Trail blazer" and its two companions have reached a new solar system. Everyone on board is desperately watching instruments hoping for a new possible home for there will be no return trip to a dying earth...

La tête de Gorgone

Green house


As a tribute to the movie "Silent running" and its everlasting  magic, I fancied a different end to the story...beside the silent running satellite wandering for eternity in the silence of space, they did not know  that there is still on a sterilized earth a remote place with a secret base  where heavy technology maintain the last remains of plants, trees and flowers. May be there is still a tiny bit of hope for mankind to survive

 A computer made landscape with Vue 8 infinite, Genetica 3.5, and Hexagon


"Ys" revisited

Bright moon